Rose gold

Do you know which is the most romantic precious metal?

Rose gold has a subtle pink hue and is often considered to be the romantic choice. We love making jewellery using this unusual feminine gold colour.

We work in both solid 18ct and 9ct rose gold, which is pure gold mixed with copper and silver. It is mixed with these metals for strength and to give it its beautiful soft pink colour. Rose gold is sometimes called pink gold, red gold and Russian or crown gold.

Jewellery made from rose gold was popular during the 1920’s and it is currently experiencing something of a revival, being cherished for its vintage appeal. Rose gold is durable, non-tarnishing and easy to clean. The hallmark stamp of 750 shows that your piece of jewellery is solid 18ct gold, which translates as 75% pure gold and the hallmark stamp of 375 shows that your piece of jewellery is solid 9ct gold, which translates as 37.5% pure gold.

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