‘I am influenced by the impermanent nature of the objects that surround me and by the cycles of change that these objects go through. I am always looking for new materials and new ways of working with old materials.’

It is important to Maya that her work has the least negative environmental and social impact possible, to do the right thing in terms of people, profit and the planet. To meet this desire, she is constantly exploring and weighing up the available options.

We have always been and will always be transparent about our material sourcing and we are always interested to hear your opinions. If you would like to explore an option we haven’t yet tried please do get in touch.

Gold and platinum

While recycled materials offer a good alternative to the environmental issues around mining it doesn’t solve the social issues that exist in the places that do mine. We don’t believe there is one perfect solution that solves all these issues at once so we offer a selection of options for you to choose from.


We use 100% recycled precious metals wherever possible as a standard for all our jewellery. This means metal that is processed by refiners that are dedicated to taking responsibility for adopting the best sustainable practices.

Fairtrade Gold

We are registered Fairtrade goldsmiths and can make any piece in fair trade metal by request. Fair-trade certified gold ensures that the small-scale and artisan miners from whom the gold is bought are paid a fair price, ensuring decent working conditions and sustainable practices for local communities.


Conflict-free Diamonds

We work with conflict free diamonds coming only from companies that adhere to the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley process unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds (rough and polished diamonds used to finance war) around the world.

Recycled diamonds

We use recycled diamonds in a selection of pieces and can make any piece of jewellery using them by request. Recycled diamonds are diamonds removed from pre-existing jewellery, which are then aggregated, sorted, recut if needed and sold back to the industry for use in making new jewellery

Canada Mark Diamonds

With a reputation as one of the most ethically and environmentally conscious choices for diamonds, we offer diamonds that are certified from Canadian mines by request. The mining and production of all Canadian diamonds is subject standards set by the Canadian Code of Conduct and the Government of the Northwest Territories. This strict code is designed to protect the Arctic environment, mine workers, and local employees.

Gem stones


We work with a small family run business in India that cuts their own rough material in house. We have been working with the same company for over 10 years.


Our supplier is the world leading specialist of sustainably farmed pearls. Their south sea and Tahitian pearls are sustainable and traceable.

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